Thursday, January 21, 2016

Feminist Triumphalism and Feminist Subjectivism

Feminist Triumphalism and Feminist Subjectivism

oday, let's talk about two very important things that you need to understand about feminism, if you want to take feminism down. These two things are called feminist triumphalism, and feminist subjectivism. They are closely related mental operations, and together they form a set of brackets, or bookends, which hold the entire feminist psychology together.

Feminist triumphalism, and feminist subjectivism.

Feminist triumphalism is the idea that feminism is absolutely, categorically and objectively "right", beyond all further discussion, for all time. Hence feminism is triumphant, and trumps any alternative standpoint.  Feminist triumphalism is the moral bedrock for all feminist thinking, because the feminists are adamant that feminism has achieved an objective moral victory absolved from all further discussion. They will suggest that if you oppose feminism in any way, you are on the wrong side of history. Feminist triumphalism is their dogma, their fixed idea, and the pivot point which their moral universe revolves around.

In their mind, you are morally bound to agree that feminism is RIGHT! It just IS. Feminism is right because it's right because its right . . and that settles it.  And because feminism is right, you must support it, for if you don't,  you are WRONG. You just ARE! And not just intellectually wrong, but morally and metaphysically wrong through every last fibre of your being. In other words, you are a wrong person altogether, on every imaginable level - and I don't think wrongness gets any wronger than that!

So what's the trick, anyway? How do they get to this state of mind, and more to the point, how do they stay there? Why is it virtually impossible to dislodge them from their way of thinking?

The trick is, that feminism controls the language - and this control starts by controlling the word "feminism" itself. Just the word. In other words, feminism is what they say it is because the WORD feminism means what THEY say it means, and not what YOU say it means. At least, according to them.

That brings us to our next topic: feminist subjectivism.

Feminist subjectivism is the feminist notion that non-feminist people don't know what feminism really is. Feminist subjectivism assumes that feminism has one correct universal definition, that feminists have an exclusive right to formulate that definition, and that a feminist frame of reference is assumed within any conversational setting. In the end, feminist subjectivism fails to consider that non-feminist reasons for rejecting feminism might compose some portion of the truth about feminism.

That bears repeating: feminist subjectivism fails to consider that non-feminist reasons for rejecting feminism might compose some portion of the truth about feminism.

We've all seen feminist subjectivism in action. Every time a feminist quotes the dictionary definition of feminism for your benefit. . . there it is!

Beyond that, feminist subjectivism is the default state of mind for any feminist at any time. For a feminist, all people, ideas and situations are processed and evaluated through the lens of feminist understanding - and this understanding grows from the unquestioned assumption that the word "feminism" has a meaning which only a feminist may authoritatively pronouce.

A feminist will set the value of the word "feminism" at X, with X being something irreproachable, something unimpeachable, something that will brook no moral opposition.  In other words, something morally triumphant.

And that brings us back to feminist triumphalism again.

In the end, the whole charade runs like this: feminism is X, X is irreproachable, therefore feminism is irreproachable, therefore feminism is eternally right, therefore feminism is triumphant, therefore you are eternally wrong if you oppose feminism, and if you don't believe that, return to "feminism is X" and start the game over.

Feminist triumphalism and feminist subjectivism are like chicken and egg, and it is pointless to wonder which comes first.

Feminist triumphalism. . . and feminist subjectivism.

Feminist subjectivism is the mental filter through which feminist triumphalism controls the language and reconstructs reality. In the end, feminism operates as the self-appointed gatekeeper of moral truth.

However, what nearly every feminist fails to understand, is that non-feminist people view feminism in a very different light than feminist people do. Non-feminist people either do not agree that "feminism is X", or else insist on deconstructing the entire formulation as such, because they find something radically problematic about it.

There you have it. By taking control of what the word "feminism" means, we can drive a wedge between feminist triumphalism and feminist subjectivism. Hence, we can regain control of the language, ownership of our thoughts and feelings, and ultimately, mastery of our lives. We can also commence disestablishing the feminist worldview, and dismantling the entire power structure built upon that worldview. One step at a time.

Finally, we establish non-feminist as a broad political identity, through our revolutionary act of reclaiming the language. Controlling the definition of "feminism" is our necessary first move in reclaiming the language, with thousands of moves to follow. In this manner, we build non-feminist identity step by step.

Feminism IS what we say it is.

We say it, and we will make it stick. Let no feminist tell us that we "can't do that", since we have clearly done it already.  Furthermore, we are curious to know how they intend to stop us.

Feminist triumphalism and feminist subjectivism. You will find these words useful, and you would do well to make them a part of your lexicon.

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