Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nobody is Born a Feminist

Feminism has co-opted femaleness in order to wriggle its tentacles into every possible crevice of life.

Women's movement heavies have been known to assert that "all women are feminists", much the way that sophistical theologians would have you believe, for a hundred obscure reasons, that everybody is a Christian whether they know it or not. To insist that all women are feminists is equally sophistical. It is no different than making Bolshevik interchangeable with Russian, or National Socialist interchangeable with German.

Feminists claim to speak on behalf of all women; they wish to make female interchangeable with feminist in every way imaginable. Their motive is not far to seek; by nailing womanhood and feminism together , they would make feminism unattackable because any attack on feminism would be taken as attacking women, and whoever made the attack would be branded as either a misogynist or a gender traitor.

A lot of women know intuitively what is going on with this ideology that pretends to speak on their behalf. That, among other reasons, is why they reject the feminist name for themselves. They realize, if only half-consciously, that it would suck them into a sinkhole.

"Womanhood" is a mystical fuzz-word dear to poets, preachers, psychologists and anthropologists. Yet we are safe to say this word has biological implications, denoting as it does the posession of uterus, vagina, ovaries, mammaries, and the XX chromosome set. More tersely, womanhood means biological femaleness as a prerequisite to meaning anything at all.

By contrast, feminism is an ideology - a collection of ideas that have been selectively strung together. Females are a birth group, but nobody is born a feminist. So it is easy to see that femaleness and feminism are completely different things, and that their order of difference is qualitative. Biology versus ideology - what could be more qualitatively different than that? Hardware versus software - what could be more qualitatively different than that?

If you insist that every man is a potential rapist, then I would insist that every feminist is a potential Lorena Bobbit. But please note that while feminists are talking about men (a birth group), I am only talking about feminists (an ideological tribe).

Feminism is an ideology. Feminism is an ideology. Feminism is an ideology.....

Repeat this until you are sick of it. Then take a break. Then go back and repeat it some more.

The particular catnip that feminism dangles is: power over men. How many women wish they had more power over men? You don't even need to be a feminist to find that thought tantalizing. After all, it's only human nature, and women are only human. Are they not? Does any feminist wish to dispute the generalization that women are human?

So if the undisciplined conviction gets abroad, that feminism is "anything you like, honey!", women in droves will fall into line with feminism's lodestone whether they know it or not. This is yet another way that feminism marries itself to womanhood. I don't think it's funny.

When the line between feminist and female becomes unclear, anti-feminism will morph into misogyny by default. The separation will no longer be scrupulously noted, and a net growth of actual misogyny will be the predictable outcome. More and more naive males, casting about for something on which to target their growing frustration and malaise, will indiscriminately target women when feminists in particular, cleverly hiding behind the skirts of womanhood, are the actual culprits.

And this, I submit, is feminism's master rape strategy—to validate its own presence on earth by driving the wedge between the sexes deeper and deeper and blaming this on men through propagandistic sleight-of-hand. It's the old gambit of precipitating a crisis so that you can step in and manage that crisis, and thereafter turn your management into a permanent position.

Are you a good woman looking for a good man? Are you a good man looking for a good woman? Either way, feminism wants to set a river of poison between the two of you so that you will never find each other!

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