Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Road Ahead

If we are to organize the non-feminist revolution from the ground up and make it politically efficient, how might we go about this? A quick brainstorming session brought the following points to mind, and I share these for what they are worth.
  1. Use a "great game" strategy; take the mountain-top view.
  2. Grow a disciplined vanguard or cadre that will spread through many sectors and see to a coordination of effects.
  3. Recruit members in every possible industry, profession, social stratum, culture, religion, walk of life, and so on. Gain the benefit of their local expertise.
  4. Have international reach.
  5. Be "everywhere yet nowhere", in order to present no clear profile. In other words, "we" should not even present as a "we" at all.
  6. Understand the proliferation of sectarian "flavors" as a strength rather than a weakness.
  7. Practice the art of rhetorical discipline, and develop it further.
  8. Eschew excess political baggage and extraneous agendas.
  9. Grow a discursive culture that is inwardly rich, outwardly subtle, and endowed with all needful discretion.
  10. Salvage the wisdom of the past, and jettison the mistakes.
  11. Use a fluid, organic, cellular style of organization. Regimentation is not good.
  12. Think globally and act locally.
  13. Be flexible and innovative; adapt to conditions "on the ground".
  14. As individuals, strive for intellectual growth across a broad range of topics.

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