Monday, September 21, 2015

The Accumulated Wisdom

The activated non-feminist community has spent years discussing feminism from many angles, sketching theories to explain its operation, debating the merits of those theories, refining the conclusions of those debates, and stockpiling evidence.

Over the years a rough consensus has emerged. The process is ongoing, and knowledge is far from complete, but thanks to so much hard work by so many dedicated thinkers our fund of understanding has a solid core we can rely on.

We call this fund of understanding the accumulated wisdom of the activated non-feminist community, or simply the accumulated wisdom. It is a repository of empirical evidence, combining both lived experience and a study of world events. This repository makes a sufficient base of prior knowledge which may grow to accommodate new data.

Our accumulated wisdom stands opposed to the inbred ignorance of the feminist worldview, which cannot transcend itself without undoing itself. We find, among these people, a fixed purpose to sidestep critical realization - and we draw this conclusion from direct study. We have put our case with logic, lucidity and nuance, we have piled example upon example, and yet we find our effort unavailing.

I mean that if you are standing in a rainstorm that fact ought to be directly evident. It should be needless to point out raindrop after raindrop until you persuade the other chap that it's raining. Yet the perverse will to sidestep critical realization is invincible, and if he doesn't want to "see" the rainstorm he won't!

We however, being able both to see the raindrops one by one and to reckon shrewdly what they add up to, may trust in the veracity of our understanding. We needn't wait upon those who are less endowed with mother wit.

Our interactive experience with feminists forms a key part of our accumulated wisdom. In particular, we find their political behavior to be an extension of their flawed human nature - their dark side, if you will. In that regard you might say the political emerges from the personal. Such feminist behavior works as a shielding system – both to insulate the individual feminist from self-knowledge, and to ensure that the feminist message never comes up for critical examination.

In private discussions, this behavior nearly always emerges as a form of deflection. It is the same in the larger "conversation" of public rhetoric and propaganda. In nearly all of our public back-and-forth with feminists we have gotten a never-ending loop of  ducking, dodging, and dissimulating - and over time they have grafted this apparatus onto the culture many layers deep and bamboozled most people. This amounts to a system of holistically embedded falsehood.

To access the truth we must scalp the duff down to the bedrock. So the question becomes, whose bedrock? Theirs or ours? We say ours, because we find no compelling reason to say otherwise.

The accumulated wisdom of the activated non-feminist community forms our bedrock. We trust this bedrock because it is made of probative and indubitable things, but we also trust it because we trust ourselves.

The feminists have had years to process the non-feminist message and have shown themselves unwilling to do so. Hence, we are turning away from all that and working toward the intellectual crystallization of our own community. Our accumulated wisdom forms the intellectual base of that community.

We already understand feminism as “pattern XYZ” – an existing set of conditions in the world, independent of any claim that a self-confessed feminist would make about it. Our present task is to marshall this understanding into a schematic unity, so as to generate target consensus and coherent strategizing.

Our empirical evidence, though abundant, seems to lack an organizing framework. We mean to remedy that lack, so that the accumulated wisdom will settle efficiently into place. Accordingly, we turn again to our first precept, that feminism is the project to increase the power of women. We will take this precept, and the accumulated wisdom, and meld the two of them into something which synergistically transcends both.

The accumulated wisdom is our raw material for the construction which lies ahead. This project has no exact blueprint, but it has a logic which governs how the material gets combined. That is what matters. What finally gets built depends on the unpredictable requirements arising from the work. However, the certainty of the this accumulated wisdom, along with the certainty of the first precept, makes a double certainty which is hard to beat.

In all of this, we do not precisely abandon the so-called “men's rights movement”, but rather burst the shackles of it, decenter it, and ultimately swallow it into a different political configuration.

As for feminism: at best it is a power whose legitimacy we may dispute. At worst it is an alien force that has barged into our lives and unleashed calamity.  In no case has the universe bestowed infallibility on this sect or its followers. Nor should we. We are free to question, critique, quibble with or even rudely challenge feminism as we see fit. The only force blocking us is the  superstitious anger of feminism's guardians, whose behavior we call offended idol worship.

We must understand that feminism is not the only game in town. It holds no moral patent upon us, and we are more radically free of it than we might realize. Our present and future business is to explore this.

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